Current Operations

Warehouse Locations
-Midland, Texas
-Pecos, Texas
-Artesia, New Mexico

Technical Expertise
We employ a full time program writer who is available at no additional cost to write mud programs, make recommendations and evaluate performance.  Our highly trained mud engineers have vast experience in both oil base and water base mud systems and have extensive experience with both horizontal and vertical wells.  We utilize district engineers to provide oversight and supervision of every engineer in the field to provide our customers the best service possible.

Distribution System and Material Inventory
Our unparalleled distribution system includes 28 trucks and a fleet of trailers including 16 pneumatic trailers for the delivery of bulk materials.   We inventory more bulk barite, bulk bentonite and sack products than any mud company in the Permian Basin.   We own our own rail spur in Midland County that has a capacity to hold 29 railcars and has 5 railcar unloaders.  We currently have storage capacity to inventory 14,000 tons of bulk barite and bulk bentonite and we own 165 bulk rig silos.

Our state-of-the-art oil base mud plant located in Midland County has an onsite storage capacity of 25,000 barrels.

Our distribution management team includes a manager and four assistant managers for the 24/7 coordination of our trucking fleet.

Ownership and Management Philosophies
We have the commitment and the financial resources necessary to increase personnel and purchase the equipment necessary to service our customer’s accounts in a safe, efficient, competent, competitive and timely manner.

Our equipment ownership assures that we have the control to service our customer’s accounts without being at the mercy of subcontractors to deliver materials.

Our commitment to providing quality products includes inventorying only Wyoming API bentonite and other products that meet the highest industry standards.

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